Barn Owl Box Placement

Barn Owl Box Siting

Barn Owls traditionally live on the edge of woodland or in individual trees on open ground where they can survey their hunting territory to see the slightest flicker of vole rodent activity.

For best results boxes should be sited 3-5 metres up fixed to the side of a tree or sitting in the junction of a branch. The direction is not important as the box contains an internal baffle which will deflect any wind.

Barn owls like an open approach to their boxes, coming in low and preferring to be able to see the box from a distance.

To hang the box, fix the mounting plate to the tree or structure with stainless steel screws, hook the box over the plate, then fix box securely through the plate to the tree or structure. The plate is only to help with hanging the box and it must be screwed through the plate to the tree or structure.