Tawny Owl Box Placement

Tawny Owl Box Siting

Tawny Owls like to live in and around woods.  The boxes are best sited towards the edge of the wood, 3-5 metres above the ground affixed to the side of tree away from the prevailing wind.  Avoid trees with ivy and climbers on and keep away from paths and other busy places. The chicks like some ground cover to protect them when they are ‘branching’ or climbing around before they fledge.

A few inches of clean soil or potting compost make a good substrate in the boxes and this should be cleaned out in the autumn.

In brief

  • If you have Tawny Owls regularly visiting an area that’s a great start to siting a box

  • Chose a tree that is away from any regular disturbance especially near active gardens or footpaths

  • Make sure there is somewhere nearby for the young owls to ‘branch’ into

  • Pick a tree without any ivy or creeping plants

  • You need a nice smooth face on the trunk that is preferably wider than the box to offer good support

  • Face the box entrance away from any prevailing wind and rain

  • Place the box no less than 12 ft above the ground but aim for 15ft or more

  • Fix the attachment plate first with the help of someone

  • Lift the box into place either yourself or with a rope over a higher limb/branch

  • Fix the box to the attachment plate on the tree with help

  • Remember to place a substrate in the base of the box for the owls to lay their eggs on