Swift Box Placement

Swift Box Siting

Since humans have been making dwellings, swifts have sought to live alongside them, usually finding gaps between the tops of the walls and the roves, looking for the highest places and the clearest flight paths. Before that they would probably have chosen holes in cliffs and trees as their natural habitat.

Holes in houses are an anathema in modern times, letting heat out and drafts in. New houses usually don’t even have eaves to nest under. Swifts often return to find their historic homes have disappeared and there is nowhere for them to nest.

It’s not hard to imagine what would be an attractive location for a house-hunting swift. Something high up is desirable, hence our range of apex boxes, although they have been known to nest as low as 1.5 metres. Under bargeboards and corner boxes seem very attractive to swifts which also seem to like the look of drain pipes.

Avoid south facing walls if possible because of overheating, but if this is your only prospect the try painting the box white to reflect the heat. Painting the box to match in with the wall might also be a good idea and always make sure that the swifts have a goof clear approach both below and in front, avoiding obstacles like tree branches and telephone wires.