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Bird boxes built with thought, care and craft.

Solid and sustainably built specialist boxes for specific birds, craftsman-made in the heart of the Peak District. That’s us in a nutshell! 

common swift flies against the sky
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Homes for Wildlife


It’s all about providing space for wildlife in a modern world. Many traditional nesting sites are disappearing with changing building and farming practices and we need to replicate them to encourage iconic breeds like Swifts, Owls and Kestrels.  How can we do this? By making carefully designed boxes specifically tailored to meet nesting requirements in any setting.


Best In Show!

Bird Fair was a huge success for Peak Boxes. We were named Best Stand and Best In Show!

With over 600 other stands, the competition was fierce. We couldn’t be happier and wish to thank everyone involved. Read more about our Experience at Bird Fair on our Facebook page.

Poplar Plantation from Above
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Boxing Clever


A commitment to Conservation is not just about intent but also about action. To that end, our boxes are made from Duraply, fully sustainable European plantation Poplar Plywood with exceptionally durable properties. Fungi and insect resistant, even under the most adverse weather conditions. Our adhesives and finishes are water based and environmentally friendly. The Boxes are made to proven designs but we are constantly looking at ways to improve their appeal and performance and to increase the range of locations and species catered for.